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The Single Strategy To Use For Freddie King - Boogie Funk Tab - Big Chords

You've Got To Love Her With A Feeling by Freddie King - Guitar Tab - Guitar  InstructorFreddie King Blues Guitar Style (Lesson with Tabs!) - YouTube

The 8-Minute Rule for Freddie King Guitar Tabs PDF -

Aint nobodys serviceAint no sunshineBoogie FunkDecreasingDecreasingConceal awayConceal awayConceal awayConceal awayId rather go blindIm decreasing, Im decreasingIm took apartIn the openResiding on The HighwayLook Ma, Im sobbingLook Ma Im weepingPalace of the KingSad Night OwlUsual BluesSan-Ho-Zay Rhythm GuitarThe stumbleTakin care of businessRinse Have You Ever Enjoyed A WomanHide AwayConceal AwayHide AwayIm tore downIn The OpenSan-ho-zayTakin Care Of OrganizationThe StumbleRinse The Important Things I Used To Do (Bass only)Have You Ever Enjoyed A FemaleHideawayHideawayIm Took apart, OutdoorsSan-Ho-Zay CompleateSan-Ho-ZaySan-Ho ZaySan-Ho ZaySidetrackedSomeday After Awhile (youll be sorry) LicksThe Stumble completeThe Stumble.

Freddie King Songs - Online Guitar Lessons and Guitar TabsFreddie King "The Stumble" Guitar Tab in E Major - Download & Print - SKU: MN0068654

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The 45-Second Trick For Hide Away - Freddie King - tab, song lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele

Topic: TAB: "Conceal Away" (Freddy King) CONCEAL AWAY( F. King - S. Thompson, BMI) Here is my transcription of the lead guitar part for Freddy King's bluesclassic "Hide Away," initially launched as the B-side of the King, Records single, "I Love the Lady," then on the album LET'S HIDE AWAYAND DANCE AWAY WITH FREDDY KING (King 773).

JUST PICKIN' is a goldmine of urban blues lead guitar licks. It isessential listening for anyone seriously thinking about blues or rock androll guitar. The song is played in a vigorous shuffle. My transcription on paper is inthe meter 12/8, with one mixed beat including 3 8th notes( a quarter note and an eighth note).

The transcription is precise tothe finest of my ability; I actively welcome your comments or corrections. You Can Try This Source was prepared by Alan Bostick (), with the assistance of Ofir Zwebner's tablature program TAB MASTER. [E] E ------- 0-- 2/4 -------------------------------- 0-2/4 -4 \ 2-0-- B-0-0h2 ----------------------------------- 0h2 ------------- 2-G ----------------------------------------------------------- D ----------------------------------------------------------- A ----------------------------------------------------------- E -------------------

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